Concept and Creation

Your new web site presents a great opportunity for your ideas or your company to have a web presence. Having a web site creates, enhances, and promotes your brand image in a competitive digital age.

Your marketing and communication needs might include the following:

  • a simple static HTML web site
  • an advanced content management system
  • image galleries
  • your company presentation
  • a blog
  • Web content management
  • registration forms for events/meetings
  • Intranet

If you have such a need to be present on the WWW, do not hesitate to complete the request for offer/information form on the offer page to me as soon as you can.


My clients will receive this interesting package with the following:

  • conception of your web site
  • integration of your web site in a myriad of search engines
  • administration of domain name registration
  • web site maintenance
  • creation of logo and graphics
  • a protected FTP (File transfer protocol) site for sharing your documents and information with colleagues


Your web site will be built based on Joomla! or Word Press (both currently recommended CMS) web content management systems, or other systems preferred by my clients. One of the advantages of web content management systems is that it allows front-end flexibilities, that is, clients will be able to upload documents and texts and images without any knowledge in web development.

Joomla! and Word Press requires PHP and the MySQL database to deliver dynamic content. These two will be driven by Apache server engine. A combination of these three computer languages ensures that your web site will remain robust and functional.

In addition, your web site will be engineered with latest web standards and applications as stipulated by the W3 Consortium, to ensure that your site remains within the confines of regulations set by W3.


The purpose of the proposal is to inform my clients on the design of their interactive websites, and conversely, to determine an accurate time and budget estimate, as well as indicating the main web technologies, methodologies, phases of work, and other important details to achieve your marketing goals.

Objectives of the website for my clients include:

  • Promoting the brand image of your business, idea, organisation, etc
  • Reaching your target audience and customers in a broader sense
  • Online registration of your clients and customers, as well as your events
  • Platform for relevant information dissemination and sharing

Website feature elements

The user experience will be particularly smooth and simple.

  • The design will be high-end, pleasant and clean, creating an atmosphere of confidence and professionalism.
  • Joomla! will be the main Content Management System (CMS) software to be utilised.
  • The major web technologies behind Joomla! for the website are PHP, MYSQL (database), and Apache web server.

Your website will be the result of an original work based on 100 % conception, design, and creation.

Please download complete website development proposal [link to document]


I also offer a one-on-one or a small group web development training for clients who would be interested. The training package will include the following:

  • Introduction to Information Processing
  • Introduction to HTML 5and sister technologies
  • Introduction Cascading Style Sheets CSS33
  • Introduction to Adobe technologies
    • Dream Weaver
    • Photoshop (Image correction and editing)
    • Illustrator (for creation of logos)
  • Database with Mysql with web server installation and configuration


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